Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Annual Programme - Year 2008

1. Service to the Alma Mater : Construction of Bell Post

Present Status : Principal has given the consent for the design

Estimated Cost : Rs. 75,000/-

Funds : Rs. 20,000/ (by fund raising campaign)
Rs. 55,000/- (by donations)

It was decided to collect Rs. 1000/- from members at the AGM.
Please forward your donations to Nalinda-0777420035 (Buriya), Sagara- 0717896164 (Chimpa) or Asanka-0777226302 (Nana) or
deposit to out account.

Bank : HNB - Kandy
Account No: 018 - 0793615

Alternative plan : Can anybody find us a sponsor or co-sponsors
Now some you are big shots, and be our hero of 2008.

2. Fund Raising Campaign : Car wash

Date: 30th March 2008
(scheduled date for mother OBU AGM)

Time: 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.

Venue: Dharmaraja Mawatha junction
In front of the Auditorium

Ticket: Rs. 200/-

Target Income: Rs. 20,000/-
From the Car Wash 10,000/- (50 Cars)
By selling tickets 10,000/-

Request : Be there and give us a hand
Can anybody find us sponsors for detergent etc.

3. New Year Festival : Date: 19th April 2008 (Saturday/Poya day)

(Avrudu Uthsawaya) Venue: Hotel Tree of Life, Yahalatenna, Kandy
Time : 9.00 a.m. onwards
Entrance fee: Rs. 1000/- per adult (current rates :-)
Children (Free of charge)

Friends, its time to have fun with families. More than 30 traditional and interesting events have been arranged for both kids and adults. Get ready to party. Keep that day reserved for this mega event. Minimum participation is 50 adults. Don’t let us down. Be there with your family.

(Place and Date for Annual Trip will be decided on that day)

4. Social Service

Health Camp at Rangala Village : August 2008
Details will be informed later.

Be in touch with us.