Monday, September 18, 2006

Annual Health Camp at Keerthibandarapura

Keerthibandara Pura, Randenigala Sunday 17th september 2006

Hello 91 Rajans,

We have conducted our annual Health Camp at Keerthibandarapura, which is a remote village near Randenigala Reservoir.

We arrived to the place at around at 0830 Hrs and about 20 of our brothers ( Buriya, Nana, Dolay, Alwis, Bothota, L Sri, Sanath, Simpa, Indika-Pol Katta-, SMB,Liyanage, Jayaweera, Wanasinghe,Rasika and many Others)participated to the function including our very own 91 Rajans Doctors.

Mobile dental unit of Kandy Hospital also came to the Camp.

We had about 300 patients attending to the Camp during the Day and one of our old Rajans at the Wild Life office of the area, "Nissanka Ayya", helped a lot for the function.

After the Camp we had a nice time at Randenigala Resorvior by courtsey of Nissanka Ayya.We departed from the area at about 1600 Hrs.

Please be with us at our next Programme.

Best regards!

Ranjith Herath.