Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Fit Boys Cry For Breath at Horton Plains

The Day Trip of 91 Group- Dharmaraja OBU
Monday 1st May 2006 – At Horton Plains

It was heart breaking to see the guys who were climbing the Dharmaraja Hill daily for many years, panting and crying for breath on the long walk through Horton Plains.

The tour started off from Kandy around 7am from The Old Boys Head Quarters building at Buwelikada. This year many were coming with their wives and children and was like a family gathering.

The break fast was served on board, many have come with several types of breakfasts and were able to have a “breakfast like a King”. After the breakfast Pujitha and the gang started the sing along session in which every one actively participated.

Our first stop was at Nuwaeraliya to buy lunch. Since there was a May day rally at the town our vehicle had to park away from the town centre and the girls missed the opportunity of shopping.

On the way to Horton plains we had a opportunity have a boat ride at the reservoir, which was a thrilling experience for the gang. It was pathetic to see Bulathwatta staying on land saying he was afraid of boats, oh come on man even girls were not afraid. The reservoir was one of the scenic beauties in Nuwaraeliaya and claims to be the cleanest reservoir in the area.

Then we continued to Horton Plains through Pattipola and Ambewela and arrived at the Main entrance at around 12.30PM. After obtaining necessary permits we stopped a the main gate and had lunch.

Then the team started off to Worlds End on foot. The boys were shocked to see that it was a nine kilometre trek even though it seems shorter. Since many were walking a long distance after a long period, every one was exhausted.

After about an hour and a half walk we reached the Words End (A steep hill, where you can see about 1000 ft directly down) . The view was superb since the mist was low. The group had a little break and started off to Baker’s falls.

We reached the Baker’s Falls (A water fall) after about an half an hour. The place was well developed with a viewing platform which was not available earlier. Some of the member had a quick dip in the water while others took a break.

The sun was setting and it was quite dark when we reached the vehicle. The team was real tired and soon were asleep. We briefly stopped at Nuwaeraliya for a cup of tea and reached in Kandy at 10.30pm.

It was a memorable day, hey guys join us the next time if you missed this one.

Great work, hurrah for the Organising committee